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Jan 23, 2013 7:30am EST
labour government. >> will be prime minister join me in paying tribute to all the athletes who took part in the british -- held in my constituency? will be prime minister encourage people to register which will help us save lives of? >> i certainly could be to all those who took part in the british transplant games into the many volunteers who made these games such a success. i think gillian did a fantastic job in hosting the games. is quite right to raise this issue. they are a testament to the benefit of transplantation and i would encourage people to do as he says. >> seventy-seven of our young people with the most complex special needs face being without places next year because of government cuts. why should the most vulnerable young people in my constituency pay the price for his economic failures? >> first of all let me make the point to the honorable lady that the recent were having to make cuts is because of the mess left by her government. no one wants have to make the difficult decisions we've had to make in government, but i would argue when it comes to helping the disabled,
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
earlier today that a short-term extension of the debt limit may raise the u.s. government debt service costs. that is highly speculative. but rooney 11 gao study showed significant results. three out of every five had no impact. the 2012 report was based on only one event. statistically inconclusive. the bipartisan estimate are based upon both of these gao studies, and they missed the point. the fact of the matter is unsustainable spending over time without doubt will raise cost of our borrowing in america. that's why we are all here today to deal with this issue, or attempt to give our best insight. i'd like to ask dr. foster a question with related to the debt ceiling. many of us see the other side of that coin as a credit downgrade, the second one, which has serious consequences, not just for our borrowing but for borrowing of small businesses and consumers at home. my question to you, and i know there's different opinions, but what do you think congress has to do? what steps should we take to create not just medium term fiscal consolidation addressing that issue but long-term deali
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
is here at it is about our president. take back the house, elected democrats at every level of government and fight for our values for 100% of the american people. thank you. thank you, madam chair. [applause] >> thank you, secretary. the next item on the committee's agenda is the report from the credentials committee. i'd like to recognize co-chairs to give us an update on this. >> in a. >> thank you, madam chair. on the have of the rest of the potential committee we are honored to present our report. >> the credentials committee received a challenge to the election of dnc members from the state of georgia, and a challenge to the election process used in the election of dnc members from virginia. >> most of these challenges were received in a timely fashion, and reviewed by the credentials committee co-chair. after reviewing each of these challenges, the co-chairs determined that neither of the challenges have merit and the members under challenge were to comment to be properly elected members of the democratic national committee. >> with that, we now recommend to this body the adoption
Jan 25, 2013 2:00am EST
in every schoo superintendent and governing board fo eac school district. then we have the state superintendentstat board of education whichmake rules anaprove endless waiverofteoflaws which you justpassed thenther i t congres whicpasseslaws like no child left behinan finally thfedera department oeducatio whosrule auditan fines reach into everyclassroo in america where 60 million student study. nosi add tothisfactthatthre millio californi school-age children speak language at home other tha english and moreha t million live ipovertan we hav fundingsystem that i overl complex bureaucraticly drive and deeply inequitable that i thestate ofaffair today. the laws thaarinfashio demand tightly constrained curriculum andream o accountability dat, alth bettertorequir qizbits of information regurgitate atregulainterval and storedde ivast computers performance metrics of course are invoked lik calismans. districtauthorities crac thwhipdemandin quantitative measurean a star singl numbeto encapsulate th precise achievement leveofever child. we see think tha education is athin lik vaccine that
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4